Aircraft Refuellers

We manufacture chassis-mounted refuellers as per customer specifications with tank capacity ranging from 2KL to 45KL. Refuellers are supplied either on a rigid chassis or as an articulated vehicle. The refueller consists of a chassis, tank and fuelling & de-fuelling system. The tank could be made of mild steel (internally epoxy coated), stainless steel, or aluminum.

In the refuelling and de-fuelling module, we use internationally proven components such as internal valve, fuel & de-fuel valve, centrifugal pump, pressure control valve, fuel monitor, flow meter, under-wing pressure coupling, aviation hose for deck and hose reel, bottom-loading system with high level sensor, electrical deadman handle, and liquid fifth wheel for semi-trailer type refueller. The components are selected based on the flow rate requirement, which normally ranges from 100 LPM to 4000 LPM.

Safety features include provision of static grounding cable, fire extinguishers, fire screen, spark arrestor at the exhaust of the engine, and a brake interlock system on all pressure couplings, stowage, and emergency engine/fuel shut-off.

Pit Cleaning & Quality Check Vehicles

This vehicle is used for two activities, the first is to clean underground hydrant pits at airports and second is to drain the low and dead end points of the under-ground hydrant lines. The Pit Cleaning Vehicle uses a vacuum pump run by its Power Take Off (PTO) Unit for creating vacuum in the pressure tank for sucking dirty fuel from the hydrant pits.

Bottom Loading Tankers

We fabricated and supplied the first environment friendly 20KL tank truck with bottom loading and vapor recovery system to Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. in 1999. The equipment got wide acceptance and we were asked to fabricate many more such tank trucks, including 28KL and 35KL tank-trucks for Shell India Marketing (P) Ltd. We have recently also sold a 27KL SS tanker for the transport of hazardous chemicals.

Hydrant Dispensers

Globe Hi-Fabs Pvt. Ltd. manufactures Hydrant Dispensers of various type and design having flow rates of up to 4000 LPM. These are used for refuelling large aircraft through hydrant lines laid at airports. The hydrant dispenser could be truck mounted or trolley mounted. This has a hydraulically operated deck platform designed for three persons to move up and down with a provision of two 63 mm diameter deck hoses to enable the operator to connect pressure couplings to the aircraft up to a level of 5.7 meters from ground level.

Optional features include hydraulic or mechanical lifting mechanism for the intake hose, hydraulic or DC electric motor for hose reel winding, and automatic evacuation of slope tank during fuelling.

Fuel Bowsers

We have designed, fabricated and supplied Fuel/Water Bowsers to customers engaged in construction and mining activities. The Bowsers facilitates filling of diesel into tanks of construction machinery and equipment deployed at work sites. The unit is also useful for supply of fuel in remote or rural areas to various customers. It consists of a 9/11/20KL storage tank having a number of airtight compartments, a pump run by PTO of the vehicle, metering unit, hose reel with hose, and trigger nozzle All these are mounted on a suitable chassis. We have also made water Bowsers for clients, which is a very similar product that is used to carry water over distances, or is used to dispense water where a natural source is unavailable.

Double Walled Bunded Tank with Refuelling Module

30KL Storage capacity self-bunded portable tank with module having flame proof motor driven pump with fuel filtration for road tanker unloading and refueller loading. Refuelling module is provided inside the cabinet having aluminium rolling shutters on front and side of the cabinet.

A part from this one staircase along with platform on top of tank is provided for taking dip reading during loading of tank and loading of refuellers. The tank is a double skin tank designed and manufactured as per DIN EN 12Z85-2 having inner tank for storing fuel (ATF) and the outer tank to ensure spillage of product does not take place on the ground if at all the inner tank leaks due to unforeseen reasons.

The biggest advantage of this unit is that it can be operational in a very short time after reaching the location.

Portable Fuel Station/Modular Fuel Station

Fuelco designs and manufactures Modular Fuel Stations for above ground fuel storage. Modular Fuel Stations have been designed to supplement or even replace traditional service stations. These are approved to UL-142 Standards. There are several advantages for such systems such as , Minimal civil works required, Quick to install and commission, Low investment compared to conventional service station, Can be relocated to a new site.

Filter Water Separator & Micro Filter

Filter water separators: FWS consist of a two-stage system designed to remove free water and particulates from aviation fuels in refineries, terminals, fuel depots, tankers, hydrant dispensers and other mobile refuelling equipment. Ii) Micro Filters: Microfilters are used as pre-filters for the efficient and continuous removal of solids such as rust, sand and other particulates from aviation fuels. Aviation microfilters are used in refineries, terminals and airport depots, primarily as Prefilters to lengthen the service life of downstream coalescer elements in filter water separators.

Aviation Refueling Equipment Parts & Spares



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