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Airports, Flights, Departure deadlines, Minutes and seconds on the clock.Every day, there are over 50,000 flights that take off from 48,000 airports across the globe, and aircraft refuelling plays a major role in flight turnaround time.

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About Images


Aircraft Refuellers

We manufacture chassis-mounted refuellers as per customer specifications with tank capacity ranging from 2KL to 45KL.

Pit Cleaning & Quality Check Vehicles

Pit Cleaning & Quality Check Vehicles

This vehicle is used for two activities, the first is to clean underground hydrant pits at airports and second is to drain the low.

Bottom Loading Tankers

Bottom Loading Tankers

We fabricated and supplied the first environment friendly 20KL tank truck with bottom loading and vapor recovery system.

Hydrant Dispensers

Hydrant Dispensers

Globe Hi-Fabs Pvt. Ltd. manufactures Hydrant Dispensers of various type and design having flow rates of up to 4000 LPM.


Fuel Bowsers

We have designed, fabricated and supplied Fuel/Water Bowsers to customers engaged in construction and mining activities.

Double Walled Bunded Tank with Refuelling Module

Double Walled Bunded Tank with Refuelling Module

30KL Storage capacity self bunded portable tank with module having flame proof motor driven pump with fuel filtration for road tanker unloading and refueller loading.

Portable Fuel Station/Modular Fuel Station

Portable Fuel Station/Modular Fuel Station

30KL Storage capacity self bunded portable tank with module having flame proof motor driven pump with fuel filtration for road tanker unloading and refueller loading.

Filter Water Separator & Micro Filter

Filter Water Separator & Micro Filter

Filter water separators: FWS consist of a two-stage system designed to remove free water and particulates from aviation fuels in refineries, terminals, fuel depots, tankers, hydrant dispensers and other mobile refuelling equipment.


Aviation Refueling Equipment Parts & Spares

Faudi, Gammon, Eaton Carter



To continue to be a world-class manufacturer and distributor of aviation fuelling equipment and components, while simultaneously adopting new technologies and ideas to provide clients with the best suitable tailor-made solutions.

  • Safety First
  • World Class Services
  • Dedicated Support

Our History


Supplied First 9KL Aircraft Refueller to Indian Oil Corporation Limited India.


Exported First Hydrant Dispenser to Ceylon Petroleum Corporation, SriLanka


Achieved ISO 9001:2000 certification.


Globe Hi-Fabs Middle East FZE was set up in UAE to further expand marketing and business development activities in the Middle East and Africa

Global Footprints

Countries of Export

  • Vietnam
  • Kuwait
  • Sri Lanka
  • Nepal
  • Bangladesh
  • Malaysia
  • Mauritius
  • UAE
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Somalia
  • Congo
  • South Sudan
  • Maldives
  • Mali
  • Uganda
  • Singapore
  • Lebanon
  • Egypt
  • Central African Republic
  • Iraq

Our Clients


Faudi Aviation, Germany

Faudi Aviation Gmbh is a family-owned, medium-sized company specialized

Gammon Technical Products, Inc. USA

USA has appointed
Globe Hi-Fabs LLP

Eaton Corporation, USA

Eaton Corporation, USA has appointed
Globe Hi-Fabs LLP as the distributor

Our Credibility

Certifications, Letters of Appointment and Registrations of GHF.

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Globe Hi-Fabs LLP manufactures Hydrant Dispensers of various type and design having flow rates of up to 4000 LPM.
  • Aircraft Refuellers – 5KL to 45KL capacity (50 GPM to 1000 GPM flow rates)

  • Hydrant Dispensers of up to 1000 GPM flow rate

  • Pit Cleaning and Q.C. Vehicles

  • Micro Filters and Filter Water Separators (300 M³/H AND 275 M³/H)

  • Floating Suction Assemblies for different sized tanks (Burried and Semi-Burried or Vertical Storage Tanks)

  • Diesel Fuel Bowsers

  • Bottom Loading Tank Lorries of 12KL/20KL/28KL/35KL capacities with vapour recovery system

Our facility, spread over an area of 10,000 sq. meters is located in Faridabad within the National Capital Region, a mere 4 km from the Delhi border.
  • Total area – 93,720 sq. ft.

  • Built up area of work floor – 21,500 sq. ft.

  • Built up area of Office – 4,000 sq. ft.

  • Built up area of Store – 1,960 sq. ft.

  • Fabrication in Mild Steel, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminium material by using shielded metal arc welding (SMAW), tungsten inert gas (TIG), and metal inert gas (MIG) welding processes.

Our testing rig with an underground storage tank (20 KL) for Aviation Turbine Fuel simulates actual aircraft refuelling, and is one of its kind in the country.
  • Grit Blasting Shed (940 sq. ft.) for surface preparation of inside/outside of MS tanks using screw compressor of 190 CFM of Ingersoll Rand

  • Hydraulic Testing of Tanks

  • Diesel Generators (200 k VA)

  • For non-destructive testing of materials:

    • Dye Penetrant Test of weld joints

    • Radiography of weld joints (from outside source)

  • For destructive testing of materials:

    • Material Testing (physical and chemical, from outside source)

    • Ultrasonic Testing (from outside source)

Our global quality at domestic prices has opened avenues with many new customers, with exports to 7 countries till the date.
  • Refurbishing of used aircraft refuellers and hydrant dispensers

  • Approval of drawings from PESO, Nagpur on behalf of customers

  • Commissioning of all equipment at client locations

  • 18 months Warranty on all items manufactured, from date of despatch or 12 months from the date of commissioning

Quality Policy

“We endeavor to achieve customer satisfaction by supplying products confirming to customer requirements and within the agreed time frame. We work as a team of a motivated workforce with an aim to continuously improve our operations through augmentation of facilities and training of personnel to emerge as a global player and leader in the international market.”

Health Safety and Environment

We, Globe Hi-Fabs LLP, demonstrate our commitment to Health Safety and Environment by providing and maintaining safe facilities and working conditions for all our employees and visitors; adopting of appropriate technologies to minimize the impact of our activities on the environment; and by inculcating values and attitudes conducive to achieving excellence in health, safety, and environmental performance.

We have installed a water harvesting facility at our premises to help raise the ground water level in the area. We have the environmental consent for Water/Air from the Haryana State Pollution Control Board.

Latest News

Globe Hi-Fabs LLP: Offering An End-To-End Aircraft Refueling Solution

The aviation refueling equipment industry has come a long way over the last 5-10 years’ time frame. There has been a significant increase in Jet fuel sales in India due to the unprecedented growth in the Aviation Industry. With new airports under construction at Delhi and Mumbai and upgradation of many airports in Public-Private-Partnered projects arrangements, there will be a significant upsurge in the requirement of aircraft refueling equipment in India over the next 10 years.

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